Transparent vs. Opaque Shower Doors

One of the most important aspects of your shower enclosure is the glass you select. You can choose from clear glass (which is completely see-thru), semi-transparent glass, and fully opaque glass. The one that’s right for you depends on your style and the level of privacy you’re looking for.

The most common choice is clear glass. The best part about clear glass is that it allows a lot of light into your shower enclosure, making it very well lit. The down side of clear glass is that it provides no privacy. It is also the most likely to show water spots, which can be difficult to keep clean.

Opaque glass is the exact opposite of clear glass. This glass is completely frosted and makes it impossible to see a clear image of anyone in the shower. If you need or want privacy then this is the choice for you. It is also more resisitant to water spots, making it easier to keep clean. The downside is that it reduces the amount of light that passes into the shower enclosure, making it darker inside.

Remember, there is no wrong answer when deciding which type of shower glass is best for your bathroom. You can use either type of glass on both traditional and frameless shower enclosures. It all depends on your personal style and the level of privacy you are looking for.

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