Shower Door Upgrades & Remodels

If you have decided to buy a new shower door to upgrade your bathroom, you likely already know the size and type of door you are looking for. But that is not all you need to decide on when purchasing a new shower door! One of the most important and customizable decisions you will make is the type and pattern of the glass used. Do you go with Transparent or Niebla? Moziac or Droplet?  What about Rain? There are just so many choices! That is why we are here with this handy guide to the different types of glass and patterns available and a little about them, so you can select what is right for you!

Frameless Shower Doors
  • Transparent: The most common form of shower door, this door design is, as it name says, totally transparent. This allows for the maximum possible light, but very little privacy.
  • Niebla: This glass design is completely contrary to the transparent door, boasting a frosted over design that lets a good deal less light in, but is extremely private due to the clouded glass.
  • Moziac: This design is exceedingly elegant, with small frosted squares on the glass panels to form a beautiful glass art piece. This allows some light and moderate privacy, but the design is primarily focused on the aesthetic.
  • Droplet: Like the Moziac, this glass is patterned for aesthetic, with small droplets in the otherwise frosted glass. There are less drops at the top and bottom of the door to allow for more light entry.
  • Rain: This design completely covers the door in textured glass that looks like water running down the door, to give your shower a very spa type of feel. This is a very privacy heavy design and gives a relaxing feel to your shower.

No matter what you decide to do with your bathroom, City Mirror & Glass will always have your back! We offer unbeatable prices and unmatched quality of service, so you know that whatever glass services you need, you are in the best of hands! Call us today or shoot us an email if we can be of any additional help!

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