Top 5 Benefits of Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors have become one of the most popular types of shower enclosures over the last decade. There are certainly simpler options, such as the traditional shower curtain. SO why are frameless shower doors such a popular choice for people remodeling their bathrooms?

Shower Glass Doors
  • They come in any size. With a frameless shower enclosure you have complete flexibility in designing the size and shape of your shower. From expansive spa showers to smaller corner walk-in, a frameless glass shower door can be designed to fit with the only limitation being the space you have and your imagination.
  • Allow the flow of light. Frameless shower door let more light in then other shower enclosure options. The are no curtains, metal frames, or other obstructions to block out light. These leaves your shower space well lit and easy to navigate.
  • Makes a space feel larger. By eliminating obstructions such as curtain rods and metal frames your shower space will look and feel much larger.
  • Less chance of mold build-up. With no metal frames or other hardware there are a lot less places for mold and mildew to grow. That leaves your shower looking crisp and clean compared to other shower enclosures.
  • Easier to clean. Bathrooms are never fun to clean. Showers and bathtubs can be hard to keep clean with all the corners and different surfaces. Frameless glass doors and shower enclosures can simply be squeegeed, making them easy to clean.

Give us a call today and let us design and install the shower enclosure you have been dreaming of. We can bring your dreams to life!

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