7 Reasons You Should Get New Windows

Most people probably don’t pay much attention to the windows in their home in day to day life. But if your windows look dated or worn, maybe it is time to consider an update. Here we take a look at 7 benefits you’ll get from putting new windows on your home.

1. Reduced Energy Bills

New windows have modern construction technology including tighter seals and double or triple panes to help insulate and conserve the internal temperature of your home, so you spend less on heating and cooling. By using less energy to maintain the temperature in your home, you save money on your energy bill each and every month!

2. Improved Appearance

Broken or damaged windows don’t exactly look the best, inside or outside your home. New windows can be designed to fit your exact specifications, and can really enhance the overall look of your house, from inside or from the curb!

3. Added Safety and Security

Outdated or damaged windows are not only visually unappealing, they are unsafe too! New windows are more secure and come with security features allowing you to protect your home in case of an attempted break-in.

4. Utility Rebates

New windows are not just a beauty and safety decision, they make sense financially too! You can currently save 30% off the cost of your windows and doors, up to $1500 if you meet qualifying energy efficiency standards. Double paned and triple paned windows allow for meeting of these standards and savings for you!

5. Reduced Leaks

When you have older windows in your home, they are usually not as secure as newer ones, leading to air being leaked in or out, and decreasing the effectiveness of heating or AC systems. This means you must pay more for these services than you should! New windows fix this issue.

6. Boosts Home Value

New windows are an investment in your home, and this is reflected in your home value. New windows boost the aesthetic and practical value of your home, increasing its overall selling value as well!

7. Protect Your Home Interior

Older windows are less advanced than newer ones, meaning they don’t use low-emissivity window glass coatings (low e glass) or double and triple paned glass with tinting to protect your home’s interior from harsh sunlight. Getting new windows with this technology protects your furniture and floors from damage long term.

If any of these sound like something you need, call us today! City Mirror & Glass is always here to help for the best prices around!

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