How Much Do New Windows Cost?

The Cost of Replacing the Windows in Your Home

Replacing the windows in your home can be a good decision for many reasons.  Old windows can leak when their seals break.  This leads to higher energy bills due to the heat and air conditioning escaping your home.  Also, older windows look outdated, giving a home a rundown look.  Replacing your windows can update the look of your home, adding style and charm.  And, with the new technology, newer windows are more energy efficient and therefore save you money on your electric bill.  Purchasing new windows is a big investment.  When pricing new windows, you need to consider all the factors that go into the cost.

The first major factor that affects the cost of new windows is labor.  The old adage, “you get what you pay for” is usually true when it comes to skilled workers.  Some companies may be cheaper, but will the quality of work be the same.  Also, when considering the labor costs, remember that labor is more than the installation of the windows.  Labor also includes things like material preparation, removal of old windows, inspections, and repairs if any are needed.

Another factor that determines the cost of replacing the windows in your home is the number of windows.  The more windows, the more materials and more labor will be needed to complete the job.  Some companies may offer a discount on the labor if you replace all of the windows in your home at once, as opposed to replacing them in batches.

The type of glass in your replacement windows will also affect the cost of your project.  Double pane windows are a better investment and more energy efficient than single pane windows.  However, they are also more expensive.  Also, your area may have certain codes and regulations regarding the windows you can install in your home that may affect your materials options.

Another item affecting your window installation cost will be the type of material used for the window frame.  The two common choices are vinyl and aluminum.  Vinyl is a bit cheaper than aluminum and requires less maintenance.  However, Aluminum is stronger and lighter but requires upgrades to make them more energy efficient.  Be sure to do your research and select the material for your window frames that fits your needs.

Window size, shape and style will all affect the cost of your window replacement project.  Of course, standard rectangular windows are the cheapest options.  Once you get into custom shaped windows, the price goes up since these windows need to be special ordered.  Also, larger windows are more expensive than smaller ones since they require more materials to produce.

There are many factors that go into the cost of replacing your windows.  Some of these factors you have control over, such as type of window and materials for the frames.  Other factors are completely out of your hands.  However, with proper research, you can make a decision on new windows to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

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