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When you choose City Mirror & Glass, Inc., you are getting over 15 years of experience in the custom glass and mirror industry. Our focus will always be on you, the client. Which means that we prioritize what’s most important to you: quality and customer service. Four years ago, Ramon Barreras took over City Mirror & Glass, Inc., a name in the industry since 1929. Today, Ramon brings to every project over 15 years of industry skill. Throughout his career, Ramon learned the importance of quality control and customer care. He realized that when a job was not done right the first time, with only the highest expertise and most quality products, clients were forced to invest more into a project that they thought was already complete. It was witnessing these moments and being powerless to stop them that drove Ramon to start his own company, where he could offer homeowners in the Triangle the service and quality they are entitled to. With pride and confidence, Ramon runs his company the way he thinks consumers deserve. By employing skilled craftsmen that share his work ethic and passion, Ramon approaches every project with the explicit goal of getting it done right the first time. City Mirror & Glass, Inc. will complete your project in a timely and efficient manner as well as leave you, our valued customer, with the assurance that our work was done right the first time.


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